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The Layout-Tool

"Experts Say Estimating Is Made More Concise"


"Layouts Are Faster and More Accurate"!



  • Standard 1/4" and 1/8" Scale


  • Hard, clear plastic makes in-field and final drawings


  • Bold lines at 6' & 12' indicate seams; Aids in pattern match                       

  • Both scales go up to 36 feet (three widths at 12 ft.)


  • 45-degree angle (most common).  Also used to indicate non-covered areas


  • Makes all drawings more professional.  Helps to give added confidence to the estimator and the customer                                                                  

Must buy minimum of 3 @ $11.95 each:  Total $35.85
                                                         (includes shipping!)

Ten (10) Layout-Tool Special:   $90 (includes shipping!)

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