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This is a new concept for the retail industry that Kelly Kramer basically "stumbled" into.  Mr. Kramer has been in retail sales for more than 20 years.  A few years into his retail career, he held the position of Store Manager for a large flooring store.  His first challenge was to do a new layout for the entire showroom, to give it a better "feel" upon entry.  The store owner, who had been in that location for 17 years, was amazed at the changes Kelly made in just a two-day period.  He stated that ""It's amazing that I didn't think of this myself!"  As it turned out, he was too close to the store and needed a fresh vision.  As the years passed, Kelly managed several different stores, and in each one, made great positive changes to the layouts, while always making use of the displays and racks that were currently at the store.   Soon, Mr. Kramer started getting requests from other store owners (competitors) for his advice. 

The idea is that every store needs better organization  -  to lessen the clutter, and to showcase the product to its greatest potential.  New or different displays and racks are seldom required - but better space planning, and a new directional flow will make a remarkable difference. 

BONUS!  Kelly Kramer is a top retail sales trainer, and will give a training session to the sales staff.  He will give them hands-on pointers, and will show them how best to work the new floor layout in selling situations.
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