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How often have you heard feedback that your guest speaker was a "Dud"?  Probably more often than not.  In fact, attracting your own members for a talk or training session can be quite a chore, as a result of previous "less-than-interesting" speakers.  That's about to end, if you hire Mr. Kramer for your next engagement.  With his emphasis on honesty and ethics in sales, straight-forward education, and audience participation, Kelly Kramer will leave your members eager to come to the next event.  How about getting a valuable education, and having some fun too!

Talk Outline:  Currently, Mr. Kramer is presenting his talk titled:  "Stop Selling - Start Winning".  As presented in his new book with the same title (Click on button at left for details), Kelly explains how to gain your customer's confidence early in the conversation, while at the same time making them comfortable.  This talk focuses on methods of simply "breaking the ice", finding your customer's real needs, and then meeting them with your company's products and services.  You'll learn that when you "Stop Selling" and "Start Educating", both you and your customer will "Start Winning"!

BIO:  Kelly Kramer is the leading Retail Education Columnist for Floor Covering News (Click on 'Articles' button at left).  Mr. Kramer has trained thousands over the years from his two books, "Selling Clean in Retail Flooring", (a manual on retail flooring sales), and the new book,  "Stop Selling - Start Winning" (a selling manual for sales in general).  The above, in combination with classroom training and seminars, has made Kelly one of the most respected educators in the sales industry.  After more than 21 years in the business of selling, sales management, and professional writing, Mr. Kramer can tailor talks to any length of time, from one hour to a several-day training seminar.

Approved on W F C A Recommended Speaker's List.
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