By Kelly Kramer
Author and Professional Speaker
Kelly Kramer is known as a great observer of people, and what motivates them.  He uses what some have called "Uncommon Common-Sense" methods to educate Sales Advisors on how to best help and educate their customers.  Mr. Kramer has spent the last eight years as a Flooring Industry's top retail educational columnist and trainer, and he is offering these tried-and-true sales methods in his two books - "Stop Selling - Start Winning!" and "Selling Clean in Retail Flooring".

Kelly's professional background includes a Degree in Advertising, Retail Salesperson, Retail Store Manager, and Carpet Mill Representative.  His expertise in flooring layout and measurement led Kelly to invent "The Layout Tool" -  a scale ruler used for in-home diagramming and blueprint takeoff estimating.  A true student of Floor Covering Sales, KELLY KRAMER considers himself to be a Sales Advisor first, and an Author second.  His customers find his sales style relaxing and enjoyable.  Kelly's theory is that great sales people are also teachers - able to offer product knowledge to their customers

"HARD SELL", and 'CLOSE 'EM AT ANY COST" are not phrases in Mr. Kramer's vocabulary.  He says:  "I believe that a sale is made when my customer WANTS to buy from ME.  To achieve this, I must master my craft in both knowledge of product and sales ability.  My customer must feel that my service and loyalty are at the forefront of our relationship".

Kelly Kramer is a Rare Find as a motivational trainer.  He stresses, above all else, the importance of ethics and honesty, while striving to meet the wants and needs of the customer.  In doing so, the sales will come!

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